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Healthfocus Physiotherapy Albury, Lavington & Wodonga

At Healthfocus we strive to deliver excellent healthcare services in our community.

We want to help you feel great!!

Physiotherapy today offers an extremely broad range of healthcare services. As a large practice across three locations we have many specialty services, with the latest treatment and assessment aides.

At Healthfocus we believe keeping you healthy is as important as assisting when you are injured or unwell, prevention is always better than cure. However if you are injured or recuperating we understand the importance of getting you back to work, sport or recreation activities as soon as possible.

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Cool off burning goals

It’s that time of year again, where we commit ourselves to a New Year’s resolution. For many of us, these goals are orientated around fitness and health. You may have noticed with previous New Year’s resolutions that the first couple of weeks are easy as your motivation levels are high and you want to lose the festive kilos. We often go into the year with plenty of energy and sometimes we can overdo it. Injury and the effects of the heat can make us fall into our old habits and our goals get put on the back burner until the next year. 

The Sheer Fun of Sport

Recently the Australian Sports Commission have found that there is a large drop off in participation rates in sport after the age of 11.  Other reports have suggested that teenage girls are likely to remove themselves from competitive sports three to four years earlier than their male peers.  There are many concerns in this area, particularly with the rising levels of childhood obesity and teenage mental health deterioration, that team sport environments have the potential to assist in a positive direction.  There are also countless values that can be taught by sporting and team environments.
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