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Healthfocus Physiotherapy Albury, Lavington & Wodonga

At Healthfocus we strive to deliver excellent healthcare services in our community.

We want to help you feel great!!

Physiotherapy today offers an extremely broad range of healthcare services. As a large practice across three locations we have many specialty services, with the latest treatment and assessment aides.

At Healthfocus we believe keeping you healthy is as important as assisting when you are injured or unwell, prevention is always better than cure. However if you are injured or recuperating we understand the importance of getting you back to work, sport or recreation activities as soon as possible.

Specialty Services

Healthfocus - Specialty ServicesWe are proud to offer you a range of specialty services to aid in your recovery and overcome individual barriers to good health.

Many of our physiotherapists have postgraduate qualifications or extensive knowledge in specialty areas to maximise benefit to you. Read more >>

Common Injuries

Healthfocus - Common InjuriesOur physiotherapists have extensive knowledge and experience in the management of common injury presentations from muscles, tendons and ligaments to nerve related pain.

We can help with anything from toe pain to headaches and anything in between! Read more >>


Healthfocus - Performance and PreventionWe are dedicated to maximising your sporting potential from pre-season through to finals.

Our physiotherapists have a special interest in sporting injury prevention and getting you back to the game you love! Read more >>

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthfocus - Health LifestyleOur physiotherapists work closely with you and your individual lifestyle goals to keep you active, healthy and doing the activities you love such as gardening, travelling or playing golf.

We offer a range of classes including strength + balance, hydrotherapy, spinal rehab and pre/post natal classes. Read more >>

Physiotherapy in the Workplace

Healthfocus - Physiotherapy in the WorkplaceHealthfocus physiotherapy understands the importance of a healthy workplace. We assist with rehabilitation, transitioning back into the workplace and making your work environment a safe and comfortable one.

This may include education about safe and efficient manual handling techniques.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Healthfocus - Rehabilitiation and RecoveryHealthfocus physiotherapists offer comprehensive post-surgical care to optimise your recovery and create personalised rehabilitation programs.

We work closely with the Albury Wodonga Private Hospital and many of the local surgeons to create a multidisciplinary team approach to your recovery. Read more >>

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