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Healthfocus Physiotherapy Albury, Lavington & Wodonga

At Healthfocus we strive to deliver excellent healthcare services in our community.

We want to help you feel great!!

Physiotherapy today offers an extremely broad range of healthcare services. As a large practice across three locations we have many specialty services, with the latest treatment and assessment aides.

At Healthfocus we believe keeping you healthy is as important as assisting when you are injured or unwell, prevention is always better than cure. However if you are injured or recuperating we understand the importance of getting you back to work, sport or recreation activities as soon as possible.


Food as Medicine

The drive to achieve greater sporting performance has challenged traditional views of pre and post-performance nutrition. In the past, particularly endurance events such as marathons and multisport events, were preceded with night before pasta parties to boost carbohydrates in the body to be used as readily available energy fuel.  This traditional view has been challenged with modern day view of using our fat stores as energy fuel.  This requires people to eat foods higher in fats and oils, and use this as our energy store as they are likely to be longer lasting.  Of course, like any food source, in simple terms, if our calories in exceeds the calories that are expended, weight gain is the net result.

Take the Guess Work out of your Christmas!

The final weeks leading up to Christmas sees us saturated with advertising of a host of toys and products to attract parents and families who are in the final stages of trying to decide what to get loved ones for Christmas. The decision is always difficult as many toys can be little more than a gimmick and therefore destined to spend more time in the toy box than being played with.  Most parents also grapple with the philosophical dilemma of trying to purchase a product of value and positive influence rather than one that may tend to promote negative or anti-social behaviour.
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