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Healthfocus Physiotherapy Albury, Lavington & Wodonga

At Healthfocus we strive to deliver excellent healthcare services in our community.

We want to help you feel great!!

Physiotherapy today offers an extremely broad range of healthcare services. As a large practice across three locations we have many specialty services, with the latest treatment and assessment aides.

At Healthfocus we believe keeping you healthy is as important as assisting when you are injured or unwell, prevention is always better than cure. However if you are injured or recuperating we understand the importance of getting you back to work, sport or recreation activities as soon as possible.

Run Forest Run

I can't count the number of times I have heard 'Run Forrest Run' when I've been out on my daily run. I always have a little chuckle as I love not only the physical health benefits running brings but also the positive effect on my mental health. We all experience stress daily but excessive stress can manifest itself into mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. With October 11 being Headspace day, an initiative of the National Mental Health Foundation it's a great time to explore the physical impact of mental health issues and how we can harness physical activity as part of a management plan.

October is Walk to School Month

When I started school in the 1970s one of the most exciting things about it was walking to school with my older sister. Rain hail or shine we walked the 1.5 km to school. I loved the frosty mornings when you could jump on frozen puddles to crack the ice and the slow walk home with friends planning whose house we would go play at.
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