Pleasure and pain in pushing to your peak

The best part of competing in an event is that last push to get over the finish line.

Even as I finished my sixth Nail Can Hill run last year with a distinct urge to vomit, I felt the euphoria of knowing I’d pushed myself to my limit.

Whether you are competing in that distance for the first time, a seasoned runner wanting to get a PB or just wanting to participate for the enjoyment, a longer event like the upcoming Nail Can Hill Run on May 7 can challenge in many different ways.…


Take the Guess Work out of your Christmas!

The final weeks leading up to Christmas sees us saturated with advertising of a host of toys and products to attract parents and families who are in the final stages of trying to decide what to get loved ones for Christmas. The decision is always difficult as many toys can be little more than a gimmick and therefore destined to spend more time in the toy box than being played with.  Most parents also grapple with the philosophical dilemma of trying to purchase a product of value and positive influence rather than one that may tend to promote negative or anti-social behaviour.…

Henty Field Days 2015

Measure your Steps at the Henty Field Days

It’s time to start humming the Henty Field Day song. Henty is a wonderful celebration of the Australian Agriculture and Farming industry, where innovation and inspiration is on display.

The famous tune, immediately brings a couple of important health reminders to mind, ensuring you have a great visit.…

Jean Hailes Womens' Health Week

Women’s Health Week

With Jean Hailes women’s health week this week, now is the opportunity for women all over Australia to start talking about health. We as women are notoriously good talkers, however when it comes to health, many of us don’t take the time to find out credible information to many of our burning questions. Jean Hailes women’s health week aims to get rid of the elephant in the room and shed some light on our health.…



It’s that time of the year when we can leave our winter blues behind us. The beautiful spring sunshine is embracing us more often and the days are lasting longer; it’s the perfect opportunity to start getting your exercise regime back on track. If that isn’t enough motivation itself, the 11th to 18th of September is Sunshine Week, a week of promoting physical activity and raising funds for the newest health service on the border… the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre.…

Fed Hill Winners 2016

The team at Healthfocus is once again very excited to be a sponsor of the Fed Hill Challenge. Being held on Sunday 4 September at 9am, this event has something for everyone in the community. Having both 5 and 10km distances and the 2km Primary school event, it caters for the serious and not so serious runners and walkers alike.…