Umpires need to be just as fit as players

When people think about the start of the football season, they often think about the players and the preparation they need to give their brains and bodies for the games to come.

We respect the skills, physicality, teamwork and the decision-making these players need to have under pressure.

But we often forget the other group of people who work hard for these same attributes to give the sporting public the fair and fun game we know so well.…


Keeping girls in sport the name of the game

With the recent excitement surrounding women in high level AFL, soccer, cricket and the national netball league, our nation appears to be captivated by women in sport.

So it would appear that more females are playing sport, but sadly, this is not the case.

By the age of 13, 50% of girls have dropped out of sport. The Australian Federal Government has recently launched an initiative focusing on sport as a preventative physical and mental health measure.…

Mick Ankle 3

Benefit of Prevention

As the weather and preseason starts to heat up, many of us are looking forward to cool changes and starting winter competitions. But as participants look ahead to the season coming one thing that often gets overlooked is the benefit of prevention.

Simple exercises and regimes employed now are able prevent injuries later into the season.…


Come on, try triathlon!

Have you ever considered participating in a triathlon? Well, the Albury Wodonga Triathlon Club have commenced their 2016-17 calendar; many people are in training mode, and you could be too!

Triathlon is a fantastic sport. There are three different sports involved; swimming, cycling and running, which means you are not stressing one body system for a long period of time. Many people who get involved in triathlons tend to come from a heavy running background. Road running especially can put a lot of load through your joints, hence why you can tend to develop aches and pains. Triathlon training can be a lot of fun due to the variation. You will find that you are putting in more “training” hours, but those training hours aren’t as taxing on the body, as the swim and ride are both low impact sports. It is a great way to develop fitness.…


Cool off burning goals

It’s that time of year again, where we commit ourselves to a New Year’s resolution.

For many of us, these goals are orientated around fitness and health. You may have noticed with previous New Year’s resolutions that the first couple of weeks are easy as your motivation levels are high and you want to lose the festive kilos. We often go into the year with plenty of energy and sometimes we can overdo it. Injury and the effects of the heat can make us fall into our old habits and our goals get put on the back burner until the next year. …


The Sheer Fun of Sport

Recently the Australian Sports Commission have found that there is a large drop off in participation rates in sport after the age of 11.  Other reports have suggested that teenage girls are likely to remove themselves from competitive sports three to four years earlier than their male peers.  There are many concerns in this area, particularly with the rising levels of childhood obesity and teenage mental health deterioration, that team sport environments have the potential to assist in a positive direction.  There are also countless values that can be taught by sporting and team environments.…


The Reason for Preseason

It seems as if we only just finished the Winter sports season and many teams of various sporting codes are back in the swing of preseason training.  Preseason is a time where we see a lot of cross training or alternative methods used to try and give athletes a winning edge and increase the level of interest over the period that is otherwise monotonous and mundane as the competition seems a little far off in the distance.  It is also a time where we occasionally see some weird and wonderful techniques that have been adopted form other programs that have the potential for injury.…

Stand up paddle boarding, Mission Beach

Get the Balance Right and Stand Up for Summer

Just when we thought the beautiful weather was here to stay, the rain comes back! With less than 2 weeks until summer, it’s time to start thinking about your new summer activity. The long hot days give us the perfect opportunity to get outdoors after work and have a crack at new ways to move. This summer, I’ll be getting out on the Hume Weir and trying out the ancient activity of stand-up paddle boarding.…

Melissa Shoulder Strapping (1)

New Injury Challenge

Our thirst for instant gratification, fuelled by social media and social pressure, continues to grow. We seem far less patient and more demanding in our busy lives to pack more in and receive information and stimulation at the press of a button.  This view of the world has extended into how we watch and participate in sport.…

Finals time

It is that exciting time of year again for those involved in winter sports, finals time! As we get to the end of the regular season those in the top spots of the ladder are starting to prepare for finals. Finals time is always special. It is different to the regular season. The intensity increases as does the emotion surrounding the games. All of these factors and more can affect decision making both on and off the field at this time of year.…