Shouldering the pain is sure not the answer

The shoulder anatomically is called the glenohumeral joint. This is where the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) attaches to the shoulder blade. It is a ball and socket join. The socket is very shallow, only encapsulating 30 per cent of the actual ball. This design makes the shoulder the most mobile joint in the body. Movement and stabilisation of the shoulder thus heavily relies on the surrounding musculature.…

Article written by Healthfocus Physiotherapist Julia Rossiter. To book an appointment with Julia Rossiter, contact Healthfocus Physiotherapy .

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Benefit of Prevention

As the weather and preseason starts to heat up, many of us are looking forward to cool changes and starting winter competitions. But as participants look ahead to the season coming one thing that often gets overlooked is the benefit of prevention.

Simple exercises and regimes employed now are able prevent injuries later into the season.…