Choosing Football Boots

Choosing the most appropriate Football Boots.

As the football season begins most participants will be ready for a new pair of boots.  As usual, they will influence the decision based of the pair that look the best, are worn by their favourite player, or seem to be the trend of the time.  None of these are sound reasons to choose a particular boot.  As a parent you want the boot that will be best supportive and most appropriate for your child.  But how do we determine this.

The football boot market is heavily influenced by the bigger participation sports in the world.  Mainly soccer and NFL.  The participation rates of these sports are many times greater than AFL and the rugby codes.  The companies that make sporting apparel such as football boots are among some of the biggest corporate brands in the world.  The athletic demands of sports are different, and we need to be aware of.

There is a tendency, particularly in soccer, to have a close fitting boot.  This can be advantageous for ‘feel’ and performance, but can have negative implications for foot posture and injury.

Some boots are very poor in their supportive components.  They can …

Shining the spotlight on Michael Bowler

Our team are highly trained and professional, we share our knowledge, expertise and techniques with you, so you can better take care of your body. We have expertise in areas such as running mechanics, overuse injuries, muscle and tendon issues, sporting concussion and female athletic conditions.

Our passionate Principal and physiotherapist Michael graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2004 and joined Healthfocus Physiotherapy that year, before becoming a Director in 2008.

Michael went on to complete his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in 2014 to become a titled Australian Physiotherapy Association Sport‘s Physiotherapist. In addition to this he has prior experience as a primary school teacher.

He has gained extensive expertise in the management of sports injuries, and continues to be involved with the Murray Bushrangers, Victorian AFL Academy and the O&M. He manages both recreational and elite athletes to optimise their biomechanics and return to sport. Particular areas of interest include the adolescent athlete, and running assessment.

He has also been instrumental in advocating and implementing best practice concussion management in this region; and also performs various occupational health roles throughout the region. Outside of work he enjoys the great outdoors, running and bike riding, and spending time with his …