Introducing RUN HUB, brought to you by Healthfocus.

We are dedicated to supporting the Albury/Wodonga running community and are excited to launch RUN HUB.
The RUN HUB is specifically designed for runners, and offers something for every one; from amateurs, everyday runners, and the elite.

Experience state-of-art AxIT assessment technology and gain a better understanding of your performance, with the assistance of a dedicated physio specifically trained in the science and rehabilitation of running.

Running assessment topics:
• Gain an understanding of your full running history including mileage, training load, footwear/surface, running goals
• A full assessment of your strength, muscle length and balance
• A Video running analysis

Ongoing assessment:
• Functional exercises to assist your running technique and address any strength deficits
• Running gait cues to improve your running style
• Load management recommendations
• Running drills

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, avoiding one, or seeking healthier running habits, the RUN HUB offers tailored treatment plans based on your individual needs.

Assessments will be conducted in our new state-of-the-art clinic, Wodonga Place clinic.

Moving with you through life.

Book an assessment online. (Wodonga Only)