Revisiting your New Year’s resolution

Just like that, we are nearly halfway through 2017. Did you set yourself a New Year’s resolution? Was it something along the lines of ‘I’m going to get fitter’ or ‘I’ll eat better’? The harsh reality is that more than half of us fail to meet our New Year’s resolutions.

Often clients come in and say “I want to get fitter”. This may seem like a really simple goal, but in actual fact it is broad, complex and non-specific.
What one person feels being ‘fit’ is may be something completely different to the next person. Whatever your perception is of fitness, the goal of ‘getting fitter’ often goes hand in hand with ‘eating better’.…

Article written by Healthfocus Physiotherapist Kellie Ladgrove. To book an appointment with Kellie Ladgrove, contact Healthfocus Physiotherapy .


Food as Medicine

The drive to achieve greater sporting performance has challenged traditional views of pre and post-performance nutrition. In the past, particularly endurance events such as marathons and multisport events, were preceded with night before pasta parties to boost carbohydrates in the body to be used as readily available energy fuel.  This traditional view has been challenged with modern day view of using our fat stores as energy fuel.  This requires people to eat foods higher in fats and oils, and use this as our energy store as they are likely to be longer lasting.  Of course, like any food source, in simple terms, if our calories in exceeds the calories that are expended, weight gain is the net result.…

Winter Vitamin D

It’s a miserable 10 degrees outside and the office heater keeps us nice and cozy in the break room, but did you know that for those of us living on the Border, during winter we need at least 30-40 minutes of midday sun exposure to our hands and forearms so our bodies can top up their vitamin D stores for healthy bones and muscles. This June and July, Cancer Council NSW and Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW are encouraging indoor workers to “Take Time for a Vitamin D Break”.…