Healthfocus Physiotherapy are one of regional Australia’s leading physiotherapy businesses with a major focus on helping our community. As a reflection of our community commitment we are looking to partner with a select number of local sports people. The aim is to support those in pursuit of their sporting dreams, while being ambassadors for our brand. If you are aged 14 or older, involved in representative competition or pursuing a high level of achievement, we’d love you to apply.

Our chosen ambassadors will display evidence of fair play and good sportsmanship that is reflective of the values of Healthfocus Physiotherapy.

The selected athletes will:

  • Have access to first class physiotherapy treatment, injury prevention strategies and recovery modalities
  • Be presented with Healthfocus branded apparel to be worn where possible during competition, and media and promotional appearances
  • Be able to utilise expert musculoskeletal screening and performance analysis
  • Be able to negotiate financial contributions from Healthfocus Physiotherapy toward training and competition, equipment and other associated costs

Successful athletes will:

  • Live within 50km radius of Albury Wodonga
  • Have no other like or competing sponsor
  • Adhere to the code of conduct as stipulated in the sponsorship agreement

To apply please complete the application form below: