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At Healthfocus we strive to deliver excellent healthcare services in our community.

We want to help you feel great!!

Physiotherapy today offers an extremely broad range of healthcare services. As a large practice across three locations we have many specialty services, with the latest treatment and assessment aides.

At Healthfocus we believe keeping you healthy is as important as assisting when you are injured or unwell, prevention is always better than cure. However if you are injured or recuperating we understand the importance of getting you back to work, sport or recreation activities as soon as possible.

Professional Advice is Vital for Full Recovery

My Melbourne marathon bib arrived yesterday and with a sigh I put it aside knowing that this year I will be a DNS (did not start). Small in the scheme of things, missing out on competing in a planned competition or missing an important event due to injury is frustrating.   Having my dominant hand out of action for 2 months now has made me reflect as a physio on the importance of good advice, physical and emotional support and careful planning for managing a prolonged injury and rehabilitation.

Measure your Steps at the Henty Field Days

It’s time to start humming the Henty Field Day song. Henty is a wonderful celebration of the Australian Agriculture and Farming industry, where innovation and inspiration is on display. The famous tune, immediately brings a couple of important health reminders to mind, ensuring you have a great visit.
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